GoToTags Desktop App

The GoToTags Desktop App is Windows and Mac software designed to read and use Connected Things tags (NFC, barcodes…) on desktops and laptops (not mobile devices).

The Desktop App is the next generation version of the previous Windows App. Unlike the Windows App, the Desktop App does not support NFC tag encoding; the GoToTags Encoder software and hardware should be used to encode NFC tags.


The GoToTags Desktop App can be downloaded from the main Desktop App page on the GoToTags website.


The GoToTags Desktop App is free to use while in beta with no limitations in place. In the future, a paid version may be released, superseding the previous beta versions.

Feature Requests and Bugs

Any feature requests or bug reports should be submitted either via the public GitLab project (GitLab registration required) or via the software request form.

Source Code and White Label

The Desktop App is closed source software, not open source; the source code is not available. GoToTags also does not offer white labeled and/or customized versions of the software. If you would like a feature added to the software, please submit that as described and it will be reviewed.